Wednesday, April 19, 2006

her name is hadley...

So I know this girl. Her name is Hadley. Cute name-I know. She doesn’t exist yet but she has been in my mind for over 5 years now. She’s also been in someone else’s head for a while. And this is where the problem lies.

My sister Ashley & I both want to name our unborn daughter Hadley!!! Here’s how it all went down. The fam was in town for easter and the girls (me, my mom, and sister) were out shopping and I mentioned that I will be the only Grimsley girl who doesn’t collect Hadley (type of dishes my mom has been collecting for years, and now my sister collects it too) BUT I will carry on the family tradition and name my daughter hadley. My sister then responds with “ no, I’ve had that name picked out for so long, and I am a lot closer to having a baby then you are.” (she’s been married for 4 years and according to her 18 month life plan Hadley Paige will walk onto the set in 18 months.)

So now it’s a race against time. And I have to pick up the pace. I must find a man, get preggers, and pray for a girl. Want to help me? Pray for all boys for the Blalocks. I won’t back down. Hadley is mine.

Stay tuned. It could get ugly.

Thank you and g-bye.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a retraction.

i humbly apologize to eric carmen when i refered to him in a previous post as a one hit wonder. (i wonder if he'll ever read my blog.) Thank you to Denise Joy Sando Day for pointing out the fact that NO, he is not a one hit wonder. He sings "Hungry Eyes" from Dirty Dancing. Bravo Eric Carmen. On a side note, when i was younger i loved to sing this song in the grocery store as i thought it was called "hungry aisles" you know. aisles of food. get it.

blogging at work. where do i bill this time too?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i heart lists.

so I love to make lists. I love writing things down in small little books or pads of paper, and then referring to them later in the day. Lists are so much more fun when you create them with a friend. So I think a list is in order. Maybe every Tuesday will be “List” day on my blog. Blog-do you like having theme days? Get back to me.

Things that just kill me:
-Catcher in the Rye
-listening to 2 people’s conversation that misunderstand each other but you know what both of them are thinking/talking about so you get to see both sides of the confusion. I love that.
-when denise moves fast (pretty much anything d says or does
-the way brooke and jg are obsessed with their dogs
-my brother
-Mitch Hedburg (R.I.P.)
-brooke’s toe touches
-asking holly if her friend cassie is the one who bit her bottom in the swimming pool
--fake chugging a beer or beverage of any kind
-using fake names and identities (I always use the name parker)

Okay I think that’s enough for today. There’s probably more. But I got a good laugh thinking about all of those.

Went to this place called nasty’s last night. Katie, Mark, katie’s roommate alli & me went. It’s this bar that supposedly on every other night but Monday is dead, but around 12 on Monday night it turns into this great place to dance. People come there to dance. Period. And it was so fun & totally different One couple seriously danced together for 3 hours straight. Should have just gone home and had sex instead of basically having sex out on the dance floor.

I love you blog, not for what you do but for who you are.


Monday, April 10, 2006

make me lose control...

a song from my childhood. sung by eric carmen (one hit wonder i suppose) i was shocked to hear it...i heard it on the radio last night coming home from houston. it was 1:30am. it's amazing the way music can take you back to somewhere and i got nostalgic. me and my sis LOVED this song. i can remember singing it so loud with our hands as microphones just rockin' out. made me miss being young, thinking anything my older sister did, like or didnt like i did the same. so if she thought this was the best song on the radio, then so did i.

i'm posting the lyrics here: feel free to comment about how this song changed your life when you were younger.



Thursday, April 06, 2006

Idol Shocker

Mandiva has been eliminated. i stand amazed. she seriously has one of the most amazing voices on the show. i mean come on. the world must be off it's axel a little. bucky stays. ace stays. but Mandisa goes??? I wasnt able to watch it but it's the first thing me and my dvr will do when i get home tonight.

going to houston this weekend for round 2 of weddings galore. the bride asked if i would bring in my bridesmaids dress to the shower and then afterwards model it for all the people there. is she kidding. lug the dress from houston to austin, and back again, just to show some mom's what the dress looks like. i hate trying on clothes for people. looks like i will be forgetting my dress in ausitn. oops.

play on playa.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise.

title pending...

I need to post about something. And my friend keeps telling me that a blog is just “seeing the world through someone else’s eyes” so I’m just going to start and tell you what’s been going on in my world.

I’ve officially been living alone for 10 days. Feels a bit like eternity. It’s no fun going home to an empty place. And a messy one for that matter. It feels different waking up and knowing that you are the only one in the house, it’s not like me and b would get up and have a cup of coffee, and even when I would get jealous cause she’s in bed and I am running out the door late to work I like the feeling of knowing someones there. The only little bit of freedom I get for having my own place now is I can run to the kitchen in just a t-shirt, or bra and undies without worrying that JG will come out and an awkward moment would ensue. I love that kid. He’s a real jewel. And he couldnt have picked a better bride. they are mfeo. fo sho.

i'm having lunch with my old work friends today. (matt & jim). these fools made buildforge bearable. (i hope no one from buildforge reads this). i'm excited to eat with them, they always make me laugh so much. i love to laugh. it's the best feeling i know of to this date. laughing. good times. i'm so thankful that god put people in my life who make me laugh. and laugh hard. take denise for instance. she'd just have to look at me in class, or say "it's hotter than 2 mice making love in a wool sock", and i'd hit the ground laughing. she kills me.

i think this is a sufficient post. kind of random and sparatic but if you know me at all you know that this is exactly how my brain operates.

so this is it. my second post. practice makes perfect.