Monday, August 27, 2007

from my t3 boyfriend...

c- did i tell you how wonderful it was to see you this morning?

i heart df.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Read this article today...and this really makes so much sense. I feel like I have become a victim of the overshare lately. It is sad that some people dont have anyone to talk to about things, so they just blurt it out to anyone who will listen.

“People that are oversharing may be hoping for a connection with other people,” says Julie Albright, a sociology professor at the University of Southern California. Some people with TMI tendencies may be attempting to take a kind of relationship shortcut, going through the motions of an intimate friendship when there isn’t yet one.

That’s what happened to 29-year-old Becca Johnson during a girls’ night out. Johnson was talking to a friend of a friend whom she’d just met when the woman blurted out that she was having an affair with a former employee.

“In a way, it’s sad because you know they probably don’t have people in their lives to share things with,” says Johnson, who lives in Boston. “Why else would it feel appropriate to share relationship problems with complete strangers?“

Watch where you overshare