Sunday, May 09, 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010

squash and sweet potatoes.

typically this title might make you think of the new foods a baby is trying out as it adjusts to eating new food but even though its been 6 months since my post i have no baby and its actually ME that is trying these foods for the first time and LOVING them.

i am seriously obsessed. i think about roasted butternut squash with goat cheese (a new fav from this tasty joint)
and roasted sweet potatoes with parmesean cheese (a tasty side carrie made a few weeks back) all the time.

if you know me at all you should be suprised by this post as blogging about vegetables is a little different for me. but i am always changing and turning over new leaves so this is just the one for spring. trying to eat more veggies and put food into my body for energy and nourishment and not eat for entertainment or emotional reasons. it's hard and i fail quite often, but i am trying and very excited to report on my 2 new favorites.

if you have some study that proves that sweet potatoes or squash somehow is bad for you do NOT tell me. i couldnt handle it right now.

xo blog. hope to see you more often.

Monday, October 12, 2009

all songs considered

i met this mac genius at a party on friday night and he gave me some good iphone tips, and mentioned one of his favorite apps is the NPR app. so i downloaded it. and i love it. it has great articles and interesting reads but my favorite is the all songs considered program. every night i've been following asleep to it. there's something about the guys voice and the tunes he plays that just works.

i love having music play in the background all the time--when i'm working, doing dishes, getting dressed, falling asleep, or just hanging, life is always a little better with some good tunes. i feel like living with holly, brooke and denise upstairs in apt b taught me this. music was always on and somehow the music always fit the mood. and sharing a room with holly meant falling asleep to music most nights. i miss that upstairs. and when i hear the songs we listened to over and over it will always make me remember and cause me to tear up and think about how good we had it.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


okay, so i know no one likes to hear about other people's dreams but everyone always wants to share their dreams, well i just remembered mine from last night and wanted to write it down b/c it made me laugh for some reason. warning: i know its not going to be funny to you, but this is my blog so i honestly dont really care that much. :) love you.

i dreamt that i had to give a 4-6 minute speech on something. anything. and of all the zillion things i could have chosen to give a speech on i chose lebowskifest. and i was going to bring in the bumper sticker that my friend gave to me as my prop. i guess i need to watch the big lebowski soon and drink a white russian.


aunt corky

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


oh and i am researching extensively about microfinance/microloans, the good that it does, how i can help and contribute. great oprah show on empowering women, and this was a huge part of it. and i want to read this book Half the Sky, as empowering women is the issue of our generation:


Educate yourself with me.


aunt corky

as of late.

i have been bad at posting but wanted to document a few updates and maybe one day i'll go back and write the details about them...

-i am going to a murder mystery party this weekend. i've never done one, but can remember being a kid and my parents going to one dressed up and leaving us at home with a babysitter. weird how this is coming full circle and now attending one and will be leaving my little ones at home with a sitter.
-i am VERY anxious for mr. yogato to open on the east side. its been since july that i had my first experience with mr. yogato and have been waiting patiently i might add for it to open. but this is getting ridic. OPEN ALREADY. i'll be your biggest fan, and bring friends by the dozens.
-still cooking. made salmon and rice pilaf a few weeks back and recieved rave reviews, doing a different salmon dish for girlfriends tomorrow night, and after having chocolate mousse with a rasberry on top at a party on saturday that is my next treat to try. mostly because i want to put whipped cream on top of it and place a beautiful rasberry on the top. just seems fancy and gourmet.
-my trainer is moving at the end of the week. i feel terribly sad. she deserves her own post for sure. jessica is so amazing, and wonderful, and has a great laugh and has seriously been the MAIN reason i have lost some weight, climbed a rock wall, eat a little healthier, and dont fear walking into the gym anymore. we have had some of the best conversations--some so honest and deep, most full of laughs and each i am so thankful for.
-the bon iver show that i saw this past sunday was magical and amazing. the pre and post events were wonderful as well. i am blessed with great people in my world. i'm not worthy.

okay, back to work and then off to get my hair did.


aunt corky

Monday, October 05, 2009

what a stinker.

An email from Ashley..."So I was do proud of hunter for finishing his whole plate of mini waffles...then a few minutes later I found him behind the table and there were his waffles carefully placed in each section of this Halloween candy tray. Silly boy."
so of course i think that my nephew is the cutest, funniest, most amazing human to roam the planet...getting this email and photo on saturday made me laugh out loud, and realize that there are going to be some pretty amazing stories to come. he's developed such a personality, and just imagining his brain plotting this makes me laugh, smile and worry for ash and bill all at the same time. he kills me.
aunt corky