Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just recapping on a fabulous weekend at ACL. I’ll admit I was a little less enthused about the lineup this year but it turned out to be a great weekend (probably due mostly to the company).
Here are some of the highlights:

-Flaming Lips. Wonderful. Euphoric. Wayne rocks my world. Screamed and danced. Loveliness.
-Husky Rescue-new band, pretty good, they are from Finland, and talked about returning to their homeland soon. I picked up a new dance move from the lead singer. Keep a look out for it.
-Swimming down at Barton Springs, a nice place to cool off, float around and get seaweed wrapped around your ankles
-Going backstage thanks to my good pal Brooke. Free beer, free food, and the cleanest porta-potty at the festival. I owe ya B.
-An ACL side show: Sufjan Stevens. Hokey described it as a fairy tale. It was beautiful, and he played some of my favorites and many more that will soon become my favorites. Good times with good pals (Tyler, Meredith, Hokey, Neal, and his friend Kristy).

In 2 ½ days Grey’s Anatomy will begin season 3. “Feel Thursdays.” I’m going to start having people over to watch it. Should be a good mix of worlds. I like doing that. So if you want to come over see you at 8 at Apt 641.

Go on with your bad self.