Friday, September 18, 2009


okay, so i have always loved katherine heigl. i think she's gorgeous, has an amazing laugh, fiercely loyal to her friends and just seems like a fun human.

i watched her announce on ellen that her and her new husby were adopting a baby girl from s. korea with special needs. i fell more in love with her as i have always had the desire to adopt. not now of course (or for a long long time) but one day i hope.

i melted when i saw these sweet photos she released. what an angel. i love baby arm fat.


aunt corky

Thursday, September 17, 2009

to control reality is to destroy possibility.

when we try to control everything and believe that we know whats best, or our way is the only right way, we dont allow other possibilities to bubble up to the surface. i love and cling to the promise that the unthinkable is possible with God. but when i really look at myself and how i've been living, i find this to be more true (with the help of listening to god and wise counsel)-- i like being in control and want to make sure that i'm okay, others around me are okay, and everything is going according to plan (mine not god's). i choose to participate and go thru out my day making sure i dont walk into a situation i can't handle, i want to assess the situation and if its "safe" then i'll dive in, but if there is a risk of feeling stupid, getting hurt, or thinking that i might fail, i'd rather abort the situation, back out, or reverse and act as though i wasnt interested, its not my responsibility, or didnt want it that bad. put it to bed and move on. no one gets hurt.

what i think god's been telling over the past few months is by living this way the small and big things of life, i miss out on experiencing the many possibilities of God and what he can do. i've put my relationship with him in a box and said let's stay here where its safe, where i am comfortable, where i know i wont fail, where each day comes and goes and i havent let god be as big as he could be...which speaks to how much i dont understand the fullness and depth of god's glory and his power. my prayer is that god will break thru the box i put him in and i can begin to experience the possibilities of god and i'll be humbled by the way he orchestrates the details of my life because i trust him to be in control. not me.

i want to experience the possibilities of this life with the god who's greatness i'll never comprehend until i see him face to face.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

third base.

been playing softball with friends for the past few weeks. every wednesday i suit up, get to the game about 30 minutes early for warm-ups and drills, and take my place as third baseman. i am tough, crush the ball at bat, catch most line drives that fly at my face, and i think most players on the other team are scared of me. but this is softball and we are out there to win.

we are not the team that shows up 5 minutes before the game, drinks beer, makes quite a few errors, has a girl playing third base (me), who misses most balls that come her way, and the other team calls her cute and girly when she's at bat. no way. no how.

just look at us.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

favorites as of late.

just thought i'd throw out a few of my favorite things that i am enjoying as of late. some are new, some i've always loved, and some i suppose will only last for a season.

-bon iver (in anticipation for his show during ACL)
-go naked's (my friend courtney's famous margarita...)
-hanging by the pool at my parents house
-brooklyn lager
-the book captivating by Stasi Eldridge
-wearing skinny headbands
-mad men (season 3 just started)
-downloading & learning about new iphone apps
-cooking & wearing an apron (hoping this one sticks around for a while)
-summer dresses
-making lists in my tiny moleskin (and crossing things off)
-self serve yogurt! probably should be at the top of the list, i can't get enough
-silly pop songs from the radio (Party in the USA Miley Cyrus, Battlefield by Jordin Sparks, Love Story by Taylor Swift)
-and blogging ( i hope this one sticks as well)

that's enough for now.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

more to love.

okay, so i got home and turned on the tv and "more to love" and i observed something to ridiculous. ( i know the entire show is ridiculous but this observation is totally ridic).

it really is sooo much like the bachelor, and they seem like normal peeps, but at the ring ceremony where he lets someone go, they showed all the girls eating cake and snacks, normally on the bachelorette they do show those girls drinking, NEVER eating, but for sure drinking.

do you think its b/c the idea or premise of the show is these are "normal" people, more to love, bigger women? how sad and sooo stupid.

that's it. i just had to tell someone how lame and stupid that was.

hayley boop-if you read this blog can you get back to me on that since you work at FOX?


aunt corky

ps: aunt b--there's room in this world for 2 aunts. :)