Monday, June 09, 2008

a shout out...

Thanks Karen for the Birthday wishes!

I just checked my blog comments!

You are so sweet to think of me, and you have the best daughter in the world. she makes me feel so so loved!

love you,

aunt corky

the 26th year.

I'm twenty six and one day.

Having a birthday on the weekend is awesome b/c you and your friends wind up celebrating all weekend instead of just one day. :)

I have the most amazing friends. They think I'm worth celebrating over and that is amazing. I had dinner with my girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants, Moonshine. We had great wine, delicious dinners and the best mac and cheese ever. Afterwards a bunch of friends met at Club de Ville, where we drank and talked and then the party moved to Beauty Bar. I forget how much fun dancing is at Beauty bar. I broke a shoe, fell down at least 3 times, all while laughing and dancing with my favorite people in Austin.

We had a slumber party at Brooke's house and then we made my favorite breakfast treats. Pigs in a blanket and mimosas. Mimosa's make any day great. The day was spent lounging, laughing and ended with two delicious pizzas from Rounders.

When I went to bed last night i was sad it was over, but the start of my 26th year was so much fun, and i have lots to look forward to.

I think 26 is going to be a good year. I think i am going to start using anti-wrinkle cream. I feel like that is what you do in your 26th year.

Thanks for all the birthday fun! I am so so blessed.


aunt corky