Monday, June 09, 2008

a shout out...

Thanks Karen for the Birthday wishes!

I just checked my blog comments!

You are so sweet to think of me, and you have the best daughter in the world. she makes me feel so so loved!

love you,

aunt corky

the 26th year.

I'm twenty six and one day.

Having a birthday on the weekend is awesome b/c you and your friends wind up celebrating all weekend instead of just one day. :)

I have the most amazing friends. They think I'm worth celebrating over and that is amazing. I had dinner with my girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants, Moonshine. We had great wine, delicious dinners and the best mac and cheese ever. Afterwards a bunch of friends met at Club de Ville, where we drank and talked and then the party moved to Beauty Bar. I forget how much fun dancing is at Beauty bar. I broke a shoe, fell down at least 3 times, all while laughing and dancing with my favorite people in Austin.

We had a slumber party at Brooke's house and then we made my favorite breakfast treats. Pigs in a blanket and mimosas. Mimosa's make any day great. The day was spent lounging, laughing and ended with two delicious pizzas from Rounders.

When I went to bed last night i was sad it was over, but the start of my 26th year was so much fun, and i have lots to look forward to.

I think 26 is going to be a good year. I think i am going to start using anti-wrinkle cream. I feel like that is what you do in your 26th year.

Thanks for all the birthday fun! I am so so blessed.


aunt corky

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

goodbye tv...not forever, but for now.

i'm turning off my tv. for a week. one week. no tv

things I wont be watching:
-the bachelor
-will and grace re-runs
-hot topics on the view
-my newest netflix dvd
-hbo on demand
-random movies on lifetime, hbo
-political talk on cnn, fox or msnbc
-new episodes of the office, gossip girl, desperate housewives or the hills

i've realized i watch too much tv. i love tv. it used to be sitting in front of the tv meant gathering with family to laugh at the new seinfeld, or bond with my dad over a football game and homemade popcorn, or when i was in college. some of my favorite memories happened sitting on the brown couch racing to see if we can shower on a commerical break during cocktail, or waking denise up late at night to watch lifetime b/c i couldnt sleep. being 8 minutes late to RUF b/c i had to stay and watch who got kicked off of AI, or falling in love with the bachelor and re-enacting our favorite moments.

but now its a lonely event. i dont even know if i can call it an event because its just me, my remote control and silence. i'll admit i do laugh out loud at will and grace episodes but most of time its my way to escape from the day. i might learn from oprah a nugget of wisdom as she talks about living your best life but for the most part this is not life giving.

i didnt think the tv had this much control over me but when you put it on paper alot of my week consists of me, a glass of wine and the boob tube.

i wont give it up forever, but for the next week i'm going to choose to go outside, come to this cozy little coffee shop 200 steps from my apt. I'm going to hang out with people i dont normally hang out with, start working out in the morning with my friend meredith, read the books i've purchased and want to digest all the information i can. maybe i'll take burt to the dog park or on a walk around my neighborhood. i want to cook dessert, run the errands i've been meaning to do for weeks, blog more, write a letter to my nephew hunter, engage in conversations with friends afar and whatever else the day calls me to.

and what i like most of all about writing this post is i've already done something about it. I turned off the tv when i got home, walked down the street and came to cafe medici. i've read business books, advertising blogs, and read some pages of eat, pray love. And I'm having a drink with someone who i am excited to get to know better.

the good news is i have a dvr so after the week if i want to catch up on some shows i missed i can. but maybe i just wont care as much who's dream of marrying an english gentlemen has ended...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

sunday night blogging

its sunday night and i should be going to sleep to get rested for tomorrow. its monday and mondays are always a big stressful at work...but instead i've decided to spend some time sharing some thoughts i've had of late.

-in the past week i've bought 5 new books. i've only read the first 2 chapters of each. none of completely grabbed me but i think that has more to do with my attention span being that of well myself when i do not have meds. (i ran out of medicine 5 days ago). not good. i'm going to call the doc tomorrow. ugh
-i accidently left the house today with my costume leggings on intstead of my normal black leggings. these costume leggings have a star and rainbow on them made out of rhinestones. they are very lame, and were part of my hannah montana costume. not meant for everyday wear. but whatev.
-a sex and the city episode i watched today summed up perfectly the way i've been feeling which is always nice, but in the end its just a tv show and i dont get to walk around in nyc in amazing shoes and outfits like she does. life just isnt fair.

well i'm off. going to try and get some shut eye instead of sitting in a dumb situation i've created on my own.

peace, love, and dark chocolate m&m's,

aunt corky

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

pictures & blogs...

so i was telling my friend seth that i am starting to blog again and he said he doesnt blog because he lacks the key thing that makes a blog successful. pictures. (meaning he does not have a digital camera so he's unable to post pics of himself doing blog worthy things).

IF this is true then i have set myself up to fail. my blog does not have pics. so i find myself wondering if this is truth or just one man's opinion.

blog-do you feel insecure out in the world wide web without pics? do you feel like you left the house without a shirt on? get back to me about this. but remember what i always tell you.



aunt corky

i'm back bitches...

hey blog, i'm back. after reading my bestie's blog i decided i missed you and figured i should say hello.

i've also made a pact (not signed in blood or anything) with my pal junie or as hokey calls him "junkie" to blog the month of feb. so here i go.

a few things to catch you up:
-the new york giants won the super bowl (they were the underdogs)
-the writer's strike is over
-i got a new apt all by myself. i'm not scared as i thought i would be, but i do miss being applauded by holly when i walk in the door
-me and jeni take a tap class every wed night. we havent tapped in 10 years and we are pretty bad, i laugh the whole time and about every 8 steps i do the right step
-baby hunter blalock will be joining the world in 25 days or less. i can't wait to hug him and love him

k. i've got lots of thoughts but too much work to do so i will depart. but like i titled this post, i'll be back bitches.

thank you and g-bye.

aunt corky