Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a new leaf.

so i got a trainer. i joined a gym right by my house and figured the only way to get my ass in gear was to get a trainer to make me get my ass in gear. she's pretty cool. i'm already sore. my arms hurt as i was typing on my blackberry.

i am pretty excited about it--i know. its only day one, but i'm thinking i'll keep the momentum going.

i was actually doing pretty well until she made me do this plyo-metrics drill where you jump on this box alternating legs for a minute. i was horrible at it. i wanted to die and i was so uncoordinated i felt so dumb. oh. and i fell over and this man caught me. it was awesome.

b/c i joined the gym i got some "free" perks. one being a massage. i think after i make it thru my first month of training i will redeem it.

i'm also working on maintaining my center. which means you are all aligned, glutes tightened, shoulders back, pelvis tucked under a bit. next time you see me i'll probably look taller.