Wednesday, April 09, 2008

goodbye tv...not forever, but for now.

i'm turning off my tv. for a week. one week. no tv

things I wont be watching:
-the bachelor
-will and grace re-runs
-hot topics on the view
-my newest netflix dvd
-hbo on demand
-random movies on lifetime, hbo
-political talk on cnn, fox or msnbc
-new episodes of the office, gossip girl, desperate housewives or the hills

i've realized i watch too much tv. i love tv. it used to be sitting in front of the tv meant gathering with family to laugh at the new seinfeld, or bond with my dad over a football game and homemade popcorn, or when i was in college. some of my favorite memories happened sitting on the brown couch racing to see if we can shower on a commerical break during cocktail, or waking denise up late at night to watch lifetime b/c i couldnt sleep. being 8 minutes late to RUF b/c i had to stay and watch who got kicked off of AI, or falling in love with the bachelor and re-enacting our favorite moments.

but now its a lonely event. i dont even know if i can call it an event because its just me, my remote control and silence. i'll admit i do laugh out loud at will and grace episodes but most of time its my way to escape from the day. i might learn from oprah a nugget of wisdom as she talks about living your best life but for the most part this is not life giving.

i didnt think the tv had this much control over me but when you put it on paper alot of my week consists of me, a glass of wine and the boob tube.

i wont give it up forever, but for the next week i'm going to choose to go outside, come to this cozy little coffee shop 200 steps from my apt. I'm going to hang out with people i dont normally hang out with, start working out in the morning with my friend meredith, read the books i've purchased and want to digest all the information i can. maybe i'll take burt to the dog park or on a walk around my neighborhood. i want to cook dessert, run the errands i've been meaning to do for weeks, blog more, write a letter to my nephew hunter, engage in conversations with friends afar and whatever else the day calls me to.

and what i like most of all about writing this post is i've already done something about it. I turned off the tv when i got home, walked down the street and came to cafe medici. i've read business books, advertising blogs, and read some pages of eat, pray love. And I'm having a drink with someone who i am excited to get to know better.

the good news is i have a dvr so after the week if i want to catch up on some shows i missed i can. but maybe i just wont care as much who's dream of marrying an english gentlemen has ended...