Wednesday, October 07, 2009

as of late.

i have been bad at posting but wanted to document a few updates and maybe one day i'll go back and write the details about them...

-i am going to a murder mystery party this weekend. i've never done one, but can remember being a kid and my parents going to one dressed up and leaving us at home with a babysitter. weird how this is coming full circle and now attending one and will be leaving my little ones at home with a sitter.
-i am VERY anxious for mr. yogato to open on the east side. its been since july that i had my first experience with mr. yogato and have been waiting patiently i might add for it to open. but this is getting ridic. OPEN ALREADY. i'll be your biggest fan, and bring friends by the dozens.
-still cooking. made salmon and rice pilaf a few weeks back and recieved rave reviews, doing a different salmon dish for girlfriends tomorrow night, and after having chocolate mousse with a rasberry on top at a party on saturday that is my next treat to try. mostly because i want to put whipped cream on top of it and place a beautiful rasberry on the top. just seems fancy and gourmet.
-my trainer is moving at the end of the week. i feel terribly sad. she deserves her own post for sure. jessica is so amazing, and wonderful, and has a great laugh and has seriously been the MAIN reason i have lost some weight, climbed a rock wall, eat a little healthier, and dont fear walking into the gym anymore. we have had some of the best conversations--some so honest and deep, most full of laughs and each i am so thankful for.
-the bon iver show that i saw this past sunday was magical and amazing. the pre and post events were wonderful as well. i am blessed with great people in my world. i'm not worthy.

okay, back to work and then off to get my hair did.


aunt corky

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