Monday, October 12, 2009

all songs considered

i met this mac genius at a party on friday night and he gave me some good iphone tips, and mentioned one of his favorite apps is the NPR app. so i downloaded it. and i love it. it has great articles and interesting reads but my favorite is the all songs considered program. every night i've been following asleep to it. there's something about the guys voice and the tunes he plays that just works.

i love having music play in the background all the time--when i'm working, doing dishes, getting dressed, falling asleep, or just hanging, life is always a little better with some good tunes. i feel like living with holly, brooke and denise upstairs in apt b taught me this. music was always on and somehow the music always fit the mood. and sharing a room with holly meant falling asleep to music most nights. i miss that upstairs. and when i hear the songs we listened to over and over it will always make me remember and cause me to tear up and think about how good we had it.

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