Monday, May 03, 2010

squash and sweet potatoes.

typically this title might make you think of the new foods a baby is trying out as it adjusts to eating new food but even though its been 6 months since my post i have no baby and its actually ME that is trying these foods for the first time and LOVING them.

i am seriously obsessed. i think about roasted butternut squash with goat cheese (a new fav from this tasty joint)
and roasted sweet potatoes with parmesean cheese (a tasty side carrie made a few weeks back) all the time.

if you know me at all you should be suprised by this post as blogging about vegetables is a little different for me. but i am always changing and turning over new leaves so this is just the one for spring. trying to eat more veggies and put food into my body for energy and nourishment and not eat for entertainment or emotional reasons. it's hard and i fail quite often, but i am trying and very excited to report on my 2 new favorites.

if you have some study that proves that sweet potatoes or squash somehow is bad for you do NOT tell me. i couldnt handle it right now.

xo blog. hope to see you more often.


Sam said...

well, you and baby davis are totally on the same page and should go on a dinner date. in fact- maybe he'll invite you over for dinner one of these nights and you can both enjoy your favorites together.

Katie said...

I discovered the "baked potato" button on my microwave not too long ago, and now a few days a week I cook a sweet potato while I am getting ready in the morning, wrap it in foil, then re-heat it and eat it with about half a jar of salsa for yummy! You should try it. Glad you are branching out. : )